Activating object for certain limit of time

Hi, i would like my object to be visible only for 60 seconds and then it disappear from the screen. however when i deactivate the object after 60 seconds, the objects does not appear at all in the screen.I used “debug.log” to test whether the loop i used for the time limit is correct or worked just fine but the statement “it’s in” only came out after a while like 60 seconds. i tried to use coroutine but still couldn’t work. hope someone can help to solve my problem. Thank you.

void OnTriggerEnter( Collider col)
{ float timeLeft = 0.0f;

	if (col.gameObject.tag == "Player") 
	{	 timeLeft = 60.0f;
		while(timeLeft > 0.0f)
		{   timeLeft -= Time.deltaTime;
			Fig [0].SetActive (true);	
			Fig [1].SetActive (true);	
			Debug.Log("it's in");
	 }	// end if			
}//end function on trigger enter

IEnumerator WaitHere()
	Debug.Log("it's out");
		Fig [0].SetActive (false);	
	        Fig [1].SetActive (false);
	yield return 0;
}// end waithere

Problem is while loop inside trigger function. What happens here is loop executed 60 times not in different frames but 60 times in just a single frame.
When you start a coroutine it won’t stop main flow it is executed alongside any other function.

Solution is remove loop from trigger and add it in coroutine. add “yield return null;” as the last line of loop. Now print something before loop and after the loop.

Play around with coroutines and different yield instructions. Coroutines are very useful . All the best. :wink: