Activating One Part of An Animation

I have an ‘equip gun’ animation that I want to trigger with a button but I only want it to effect certain bones in my character.

I don’t have a clue how to do this!

I would be grateful if anyone could help.

Thank You

Make a new animation event in the parent of the character and then individualy click each child object u want to move and move it it should auto matically only move that bone, as long as animation rec is on.

Remember to chose pivot and local to get the bones to move properly, well it depends on how good ur character is rigged

my suggestion is…

  1. create a few animation scenes on the character…
  2. create a button to trigger the animation…

this is a GUI Button trigger :




this is for keyboard trigger :




so… when triggered the animation will start playing…

depends on what mode you set it (loop , default , etc3)

hope this helps…