Activating particle system and deactivating it after 0.8 seconds.

I have a gun(player’s gun) and Zombie.I want to make script Zombie.cs and attach it to zombie. So when i shoot zombie he needs to spill blood (activate particle system) and deactivate it after 0.8 seconds.

The code :
using UnityEngine;using System.Collections;public class Zombie : MonoBehav -
Not sure why it is not working.But the particle system stays alive after i shoot my zombie.

void OnDamaged (int damageAmount)

    print ("Zombie damaged");

    ReduceHealth (damageAmount);

    ActivateBloodParticleSystem ()


private void ActivateBloodParticleSystem ()


public Ienumenator spillBlood()



yield return new waitforSeconds(0.8f);