Activating Unity on another Computer

Hi Folks,

I few months ago, Unity3D has a special offer where they gave out free iOS and Android access for Unity. I managed to snag these on my other computer at the time. I wasn’t given a serial code or anything, it was all automated.

So on my other computer, I now have Indie Unity, iOS and Android SDK… But unfortunately, that ‘other’ computer is no longer with us. And I am now stuck on my laptop, which only has the Indie version.

How would I get my licensing to use iOS and Android, it must say on my account somewhere that I ‘purchased’ these addons?

See this Licensing & Activation FAQ link.

The migration procedure for Unity is
pretty simple. You’ll need to Uninstall
Unity from the machine you wish to
migrate. Thats your side done! Youll
then need to send a Migration Request
to the Support Team

Basically email the support team.