Activation/Deactivation Script Problems

Hey guys, So im making a simple capture the flag mechanic.

Pretty much, Player has a Flag on his back ( Flag 1 ) And there is a Flag that has to be captured ( Flag 2 )

So pretty much for 'Flag 1' i deactivate the flag on the player ( so nobody can see it )

And when you touch/trigger 'Flag 2' it is supposed to activate 'Flag 1', and Destroy itself

Problem is, that i cant activate an object that has been deactivated in the past for some reason... ( Maybe its because it cant find the object after being deactivated )

Confusing? yeh, Well heres my coding

'Flag 1'

function Start () {
var go = GameObject.Find("banner010"); = false;

'Flag 2'

    function OnTriggerEnter (Player : Collider) 
{ var go = GameObject.Find("banner010"); = true; //Set to true
    Destroy(gameObject); } // This destroys Flag 2 ( not flag 1 )


banner 010 is the flag on the Players body ( Flag 1 ) ( it follows the player and is on the players back )

GameObject.Find only returns active gameObjects, so you'll have to cache it with a variable sometime before you deactivate it.