Active 3D Stereo / Difference stereoscopic rendering and VR enabled


I’m currently building a CAVE VR system and want to power it using Unity (at least for now). The next step in the process would be enabling stereo 3D - but I’m deeply confused, as Unity offers a few options here.

The first option I saw was using the VR support and then adding -vrmode stereo / split as parameters while launching - but just above the checkbox in the player settings for VR is the option for stereoscopic rendering. What is the difference here? I can set the values for eye separation and convergence with stereoscopic rendering activated, which seems quite right for me.

Sooo… what should I use to achieve a active stereo 3D effect? Two cameras (with one set for the right and one for the left eye) or just enable VR with command lines or stereoscopic rendering? The docs are sadly not updated and still refer to version 4.5, so they actually are not that much of assistance.

Would be great if someone could explain the difference or similarities between those approaches! Thanks a ton!

I would suggest you to use middleVR