Active ragdolls?

Hey there, I am stuck.
I would like to add physics to my player animations like in GTA, gangbeasts, overgrowth, totally accurate battle simulator and max Payne. I have no idea how to do this.
I have the default 3rd person controller and want the animations affected by physics so for example when I play a punch animation my fist actually applies physical force to other active ragdolls/rigid body objects. basically my player mixing ragdolls with animations.


Basically, you have a animated hidden and a visible rigidbody character that follows the animation. The most effective way I know is to transfer the rotation of the animated parts of the body to the joint components of the “Target Rotation” property. By setting a value on “Spring”, the physical bodypart tries to go back to its "Target Rotation. So the rigidbody follows the animation and is still physical.

Here is a basic Tutorial from TheCooperJ: Tutorial - Creating Active Ragdolls In Unity 5 - YouTube