Actual, simple, programmatic, mid-frame pause method?

I need a way to pause the game programmatically. The whole game. Not just the physics elements. Or the non-gui elements. The whole game, as if I manually clicked the editor’s pause button. And I need to do it mid-frame–at a particular line of code (which debug(break) doesn’t do. And it would be nice if the method was fairly simple to implement-- not requiring every object in my scene get extra code to make a check of some sort, or moving dlls around.

I’m kind of amazed that I have to ask this question–and I’m sorry if my frustration is showing–but does such a thing exist in Unity?

Good day.

Whay you need to stop all execution?

You have to option to stop everything that uses time, by using


You also have


But i never used it and i dont know how it reacts, and how to continue if everything is paused.

Good luck!

Sorry for the delay! Thanks for the replies. I needed it for debugging–debug().break doesn’t stop mid-frame, and messing with time scale just stops the physics stuff–and I needed a dead stop at a break point. Ended up figuring out the problem (probably took more time trying to find a workable pause than the problem actually took to solve). I guess maybe there’s just too much going on in Unity to pause mid-frame accurately.