Ad networks: Rewarded video/interstitial video ads. Pay per impression?(chartboost CPCV)

I have an app where users need credits to continue playing in the game whenever they die, they can restart without credits.

I’d like to reward users after completing a video ad, but i think i made a mistake by making a campaign at chartboost with rewarded video’s. I haven’t made any revenue of the video ads, i thought i’d would be paid per completed view because of there CPCV.

I have read tons of post’s and contacted chartboost to. But stil can’t get a clear picture. Is it possible to earn revenue with the rewarded video’s? I think i should use the video interstitials but how can I reward my users for completing a video ad?

Or maybe i’m at the wrong ad network, i’m searching for an ad network that pays per impression. I understand most people are searching for this and there is no clear answer to which ad network is the best, but i’d like to get some info on the rewarded video ads and the video interstitials.

The great solution would be if I can check if the user watched an entire video interstitial and reward them for it. Because I believe in most of the posts i’ve read chartboost pays 0.01 to 0.03 for completing such video ads

you might need minimum impressions to show revenue in your account.
Nowadays most of the reward video ads are not making a lot of money.