Adapting iphoneX with Camera ViewportRect

I want to solve the problem of adapting the IphoneX security area by setting the value of Camera ViewportRect. The value in the red box is filled out by me. It just shows the approximate effect. It feels feasible, but we are 2D games. , will the image resource be stretched and deformed? ? Can you explain it to me if you have a great understanding of the principles of Camera ViewportRect?
Or, who has a better way to adapt IphoneX. Can you tell me?thank you very much!! (The method of simple rudeness plus a black border mask is passed. This was done before, but the boss wants to see the content height is consistent on all devices)

I am not too complicated to say. . Not well expressed. . Let’s just say, 2D a sprite, size 3326*1536, my camera’s size is set to 7.68, so the height is not the same as the sprite, then change the camera’s Viewport Rect, H is also set to 1, W is set to 0.8, X and Y are both set to 0.1, set freely, first demonstrate, so that the final content of my camera is stretched? I look like the naked eye, but the image is cut off on both sides. Do you have any opinion? Help for help! !