ADB not recognizing Oculus GO

I cannot seem to get my Unity builds onto the Oculus GO.

I have followed every step listed by Oculus

yet every time I go to build I keep getting the same warning “ADB - No Device Found - output” followed by several failed errors such as “Couldn’t find Android device”.

After checking ADB devices I have determined that the ADB Is not recognizing the Oculus GO, nor can I access it through my file explorer. I can however plug the Oculus GO in and charge its battery successfully.

When I attempt to build to the Gear VR I have no issues.

I should also note that I am building from a Windows 10 desktop and using Unity 2017.4.1f1 (as recommended for Oculus GO development).

I’m willing to bet this is something that only Oculus can solve but I am hoping someone out there may have found a way around this issue, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I contacted a technician at Oculus and they pretty much confirmed what Geddon said. I was able to send my builds to the Oculus GO from a Mac. That’s is a pretty drastic measure to take for a PC user but that is a way to do it. Hopefully Oculus can fix the ADB drivers soon.

They’ve been discussing this issue on the Oculus forums for the last several days. There seems to be a problem with the new ADB drivers, and uninstalling them and replacing them with the Gear VR drivers allows ADB to recognize the device. However, I have followed the steps to get it to authorizing the device a few times without success. I’m hoping that Oculus releases an updated ADB driver soon to fix this.

I’ve had a similar problem, but considering that it isn’t being seen by Explorer, I recommend starting from first principles.

I’ve been living in the Mac world for a long time and I’m being brought back by VR development. So, when I couldn’t run on my Go, I really had no idea where my stack was broken. I found the following approach helpful, and it gave me confidence in narrowing down the problem.

  • Download and install Android Studio
    – Build a Hello World app and run on emulator
    – Build Hello World and run on an Android phone or tablet (I had to skip this)
    – Get Oculus Go viewable by Windows Explorer. 130904-annotation-2019-01-10-135112.jpg

  • If not on your machine, how about another PC

  • If not another PC, how about another cable?

  • If not, how about if you do a factory reset of your Oculus Go?

  • Build simple Unity app
    – run on windows
    – run on android
    – run on Oculus Go

In my case, I had some misc. problems (that I’m still working through), but it was a bad USB cable that was really messing me up.

I hope this helps someone.