adColony Crashs the 1st time it initializes in iOS.

I have an Issue with adColony unity plug in,were the first time you run the app after a fresh install, the App Crashs and closes. In all subsequent runs the app works great and adColony videos show flawlessly.
We identified the error is in the initialize function of this plug in.

If we uninstall and reinstall the app it happens just the same.
When you Initialize the adColony plugin it crashs the app, and every time I run the app after that works perfectly.

Do note that this only happens in iOS, we tested in an iPhone 3gs, iPad1, iPhone 4 and iPhone 5s and the bug is exactly the same in every device.

Have any of you guys had any similar issue?

Here’s the line Xcode is identifying:

I fixed this problem by adding the flag “-arc” to the “Other Linker Flags” under “Build Settings” of my project in xCode. Now my flags look like “-ObjC -arc -weak_framework CoreMotion -weak-lSystem”. Hope it helps someone out there.

I fixed the problem by replacing the AdColony.framework in Plugins/iOS with the one from the AdColony iOS SDK.