AdColony plugin delegate reference issue

Hey !

I’m trying to integrate AdColony’s plugin into my Unity Android game, but it keeps giving me two errors while referencing a delegate.
I’ll include the code and both of the errors below, thanks !

Assets/Scripts/GoldCoinsV4VCScript.cs(10,26): error CS0428: Cannot convert method group OnVideoFinished' to non-delegate type AdColony.VideoFinishedDelegate’. Consider using parentheses to invoke the method

Assets/Scripts/GoldCoinsV4VCScript.cs(10,26): error CS0123: A method or delegate GoldCoinsV4VCScript.OnVideoFinished()' parameters do not match delegate AdColony.VideoFinishedDelegate(bool)’ parameters


AdColony.OnVideoFinished = OnVideoFinished;
AdColony.OnV4VCResult = OnV4VCResult;

You delegate these methods like:

public static VideoFinishedDelegate OnVideoFinished;

And access that method like:


Note: When you call the OnVideoFinished method there has to be a boolean parameter as argument.