add a hole to a cube

I have a cube looking like a wall (1,3,0.1) and i want to add a windows to the wall, just a square hole in the wall for example on this positions: from X 0.2 to 0.8, from y 1.5 to 2, all the Z value so from 0 to 0.1)

then i want to sabe it like a resource in my project… i have to do it on blender on something like that? cant i edit and add vertex easily for something simple as this?

3 ways to do this:

  1. Custom Shader that has a transparent section

  2. Using a tool like Blender or 3DS Max to create it

  3. Using multiple cubes to create the shape you want

Personally I would just download Blender (free) and do it from there, there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube of basic modelling

You could make 4 shapes, put them together and apply the texture for each one of them. You should know Unity is not meant for modelling.

If you need it to be a unique mesh for some reason than the best option is probably a modeling tool.

If not, you can simply use more than one cube under the same empty game object. Something like this (not well aligned, but you get the idea):


And then you can save it as a prefab and reuse it all you want.

There are modelling packages you can download for Unity, but for modelling generally you’re best off doing it in an external application and bringing it in. This applies to most 3D game engines I’ve used (Unity3D, CryEngine, Unreal Engine).

If you’re wanting simple geometry, why not just put 4 blocks together to form a wall with a window?

is not harder to place textures in something like that?