Add a new Array List to an Array List.

I know this is possible with ordinary arrays. I use them like this for the most part


and I access them as so:

`myArray[0]` gets me "Lesson" and `myArray[0][0]` thru `[0][2]` gets me "Name, Page, and Paragraph"

How would this be possible in an ArrayList. I am using Javascript

I've never heard of a type of array that functions like you explained. However, I don't know "web JavaScript", so maybe something like that exists therein. A jagged array stores arrays, so myArray[0] should return your array of strings, not a string. If you have an example to the contrary, please show that code and I'll see if I can offer something that matches it better.

In the meantime, I'm going to recommend a List of structs. You could have a List of Lists, but then you wouldn't have a "title" for each of the lists, like it seems that you want.

class BoringSchoolwork extends System.ValueType {
    var title : String;
    var contents : List.<String>;

    function BoringSchoolwork (title : String, contents : List.<String>) {
        this.title = title;
        this.contents = contents;
var myList : List.<BoringSchoolwork> = List.<BoringSchoolwork>();

myList.Add(BoringSchoolwork("Lesson:", List.<String>(["Name","Page","Paragraph"])) );