Add a texture icon to the Lists

Hey there. I have a list with a “Score table” where it shows the “Nickname”, “Kills”, “Deaths”, “Level”… Its working fine with strings and ints… My question is, its possible to change the “level” currently displayed as “61” by a texture “icon”? If yes, can someone tell me how to do that :)? ![alt text][1]

So far, my currently code to display the list is:

GUILayout.Label(SortingList*.playerRank.ToString(), myStyle2, GUILayout.Width(15));*

GUILayout.Label(“”, myStyle2, GUILayout.Width(20));
GUILayout.Label(SortingList*.playerName, myStyle2, GUILayout.Width(49));*
GUILayout.Label(SortingList*.playerScore.ToString(), myStyle2, GUILayout.Width(73));*
GUILayout.Label(SortingList*.playerDeads.ToString(), myStyle2, GUILayout.Width(5));*
GUILayout.Label(SortingList*.playerPing.ToString(), myStyle2, GUILayout.Width(86));*
GUILayout.Label(SortingList*.experience.ToString(), myStyle3, GUILayout.Width(9));*

You could simply just create a GUILayout box with a texture?

GUILayout.Box(image : Texture, style : GUIStyle, params options : GUILayoutOption);