Add Custom Splash Screen

Hello, I am wondering how to add a custom splash screen on my PC Game! Please if anyone can help I would gladly appreciate it. I need it to be at least 5 seconds of my studios then switch to my main menu. I have a script but it just shows the logo for under a second and then switches.

How would I make it wait for 5 seconds?

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class SplashScreen : MonoBehaviour {
	public string loadLevelName; // Name of the level to load after the splash screen appears
	private bool isLoading = false;

	public static SplashScreen me;
	void Awake() {
		me = this;
	void Start () {
		// Adjust the width of the image to fill the screen while maintaining the image aspect ratio
		GUITexture image = gameObject.GetComponent<GUITexture>();
		float imageRatio = (float) image.texture.width / (float) image.texture.height;		
		float screenRatio = (float) Screen.width / (float) Screen.height;
		Vector3 scale =;
		if (Screen.width >= Screen.height) scale.x *= imageRatio / screenRatio;
		else scale.y *= screenRatio / imageRatio;
		transform.localScale = scale;
	void Update() {
		// Start loading the level on the next frame
		if (!isLoading) {
			isLoading = true;
	// Call from the loaded level to hide the splash
	public static void Hide() {
		if (me != null) me.gameObject.SetActive(false);


you can manually set splash screen in pro edition by going to plater settings.
there you will find options for splash screen