Add force in slow motion

So I was making a slowed down effect on my game that has physical shooting. When I shoot in normal time, it worked perfectly, but when I use slow motion(from brackeys’ video) it changes the delta time value as well so when I shoot, no matter how big the force is it will barely even move. I tried multiplying the force with Time.unscaledDeltaTime instead of Time.deltaTime (it worked for my other game) but it doesn’t work. So anyone know what’s the problem? The timeScale is 0.05 and the force is about 80.000 btw

It sounds like you’re trying to apply an impulse to your object, rather than a constant force? In that case, don’t apply any deltaTime at all, as the initial impulse should be the same no matter how long the previous frame took to compute.

In addition, since it sounds like you’re not using FixedUpdate - always use FixedUpdate
for physics, and possibly more.