Add force stops working

I have created a game where an object falls under gravity and your objected is to keep it in the air without hitting objects by using the space bar which adds a force in the up direction.

I have everything working but ran into a strange problem. The addforce seems to stop working after some time (20secs) It appears as if the gravitational force is “over powering” my addforce code. Is this possible? Is there a way for me to set a limit on the terminal velocity of my object? I’m sure Unity built in a terminal velocity I just need to know how to access this. Any help is greatly appreciated!

You can increase the air resistence by increasing the value of ‘drag’ in the rigidbody component.

Thank you very much for your suggestion. It turns out that my FPS were running low because I had a particle system that was overloading my game and therefore my charcter began to fall because it wasn’t getting as much force. Problem solved.