Add force to player in given direction

I have a fan that adds a varying amount of force to a rigidbody depending on it’s distance from the fan and in the direction of the fan:

hit.gameObject.rigidbody.AddForce(transform.up * (Power / Vector3.Distance(hit.transform.position, center.transform.position)));

this is encompassed within an OnTriggerStay function.
This makes the rigidbodies get pushed smoothly in the direction of the fan.
I’m having a bit of trouble getting this same behavior to work on the player. The player is the default first person character controller. Any help would be much appreciated.

does your player have rigidbody, or controller calculates position by itself?
if it has - what are it’s settings?
if no - then it should be so, because AddForce works only with ohysics objects (withown rigidbody gameobject is not ohysics object, just a ghost). in this case you have to modify default controller and add physics to it (rigidbudy support, or your own forces calculations).