Add hotspot and show image + description on click

Hi all, I’m pretty new with Unity and I’m creating a virtual tour of a building. Now I need in some locations to put a hotspot object, so when the user interact with it, a popup window with some image and text will appear.
Can someone help me on how to achieve this behaviour?
Thank you.

Create a GameObject of type Plane and put a texture on it (that image you want to show). Disable mesh renderer on that object to make it invisible. Then create (for example) a Box with a BoxCollider and switch it to be Trigger kind. Put a Script on that Box, and implement a script that has a public GameObject member (in which you will put your plane object through Inspector window). Implement a OnTrigger method in a way that it enables MeshRenderer on your Plane object. This will make it visable when your player touches that Box.