Add more leaderboards and play services not working

I had one leaderboard in my app and worked perfectly.
For some reasons, I added 4 more leaderboards. I have done the google play games setup with new
resources in Unity.
After adding those, I thought I successfully posted scores onto the new leaderboards (no error messages).
I can still see the 1st (menu) page, but when I press any leaderboard, it does not show the leaderboard, saying ‘Hmm, something went wrong in Play Games’.
It seems there is a problem with posting scores, because no data in the leaderboards.
My code is …

public static void AddScoreToLeaderboard(long score, string leaderBoard) {
    Social.ReportScore(score, leaderBoard, (bool success) => {
        if (success)  Debug.Log("Google Scored successfully");
    else  Debug.Log("Failed Google Scored");

Can anyone help me out? Thanks for any comments.

Still no answer?