Add more objects to a static batch over time


I have a bunch of objects that are pretty simple, share all the same material and are easily batchable. Taking a bunch of them and combining them with the static bacth utility works like a charme and instantly comprises all of them in one draw call. However over time more of those objects are added to the scene and then should get static as well, however if I attach them below the root batch node and call the combine utility function again, it is not added to the other batch. No matter whether I add all the children again, or just the new ones.
If this doesn’t work, is there a way to “resolve” the batch again frist, and then combine them all? Haven’t seen something like an “Ungroup” function…

Thanks, habitoti

This post is targeting the same problem. Maybe you find your solution here:

Unfortunately not…it just states that it might be possible to simply add and remove objects from and to the batch, butn fact it at least doesn’t work the straightforward way…