Add Multiple Animations

Using Maya I rigged and animated a character
I exported the following FBX files for each animation
When I import them into Unity each one plays fine on their own
How do I combine these onto a single character???

dyl.fbx - no animation

dyl@idle.fbx - idle animation baked in

dyl@run.fbx - run animation baked in

dyl@jump.fbx - jump animation baked in


I think you would typically do them all in one go in Maya, but since you haven’t done that there are a couple of options I think might work:

  1. Export just the skeleton and animations as fbx’s. Export the bind pose and maybe idle animation with the mesh. Just reference the animations in your animation controller, and they should be fine.

  2. Keep what you have and just reference them in an animation controller.

For either of these if you get a “cannot be re-targeted error” then in the inspector for each model/animation try changing the rig type to Generic.