Add only ONE component at runtime?

The meshes in my game are generated at runtime, and I need to add scripts to them when they’re generated. I know how to do this, BUT, I need only ONE of each script to be attached! I don’t know how…It’s probably SO simple…Forgive me…But, Here’s my code:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class GetMapChildren : MonoBehaviour {
	public GameObject Map = GameObject.Find("Map");
	public ArrayList MapChidren;

	//Attach this script to the, "Map", GameObject!!!
	//This script gathers all of the Children of GameObject, "Map", and gives them the components required to save their data.
	void Update(){
		foreach(Transform child in transform){

Uh, use Start instead of Update? xD

I managed to solve the problem. I made the chunks add the component whenever the chunksSpawn function is called. Therefore decreasing lag, and making me realize how stupid I am to not have done that in the first place! Thanks!