Add smaller windowed resolutions to launcher?

I have my game’s aspect ratio locked to 16:9 and the smallest resolution available in the launcher is 1280 x 720, even for Windowed Mode. There are some users who are reporting that it’s taking up their whole screen.

Is there any way I can add a smaller resolution to the launcher?

I can set Resizable Window to true in player settings, but bizzarely, it doesn’t keep the aspect ratio locked.

Perhaps you could make it so you can change the resolution via Main Menu:

var fullscreenvar : boolean = false;
var resx : int = 1152;
var resy : int = 648; 

function SetRes () {
    Screen.SetResolution(resx, resy, fullscreenvar);


bool fullscreenvar = false;
int resx = 1152;
int resy = 648;

void SetRes() {
    Screen.SetResolution(resx, resy, fullscreenvar);

And then call that function when happens? Untested, there may be obvious mistakes, I am not too strong at CS. Hope this helps, if that is not what you want just do @hellopeople0004 when you reply so I am notified :slight_smile: