add spawned GameObjects in an array C#


I wanna keep the GameObjects (Clones) I instantiate in an array.
I tried it like this:

    public Transform Object;
    public static GameObject[] SpawnedObjects;
    public static int arrayPosition = 0;
    void Start(){
    	SpawnedObjects = new GameObject[430];
    	arrayPosition = 0;
    //In a function
    print("ArrayPosition: "+arrayPosition);
    SpawnedObjects[arrayPosition] = ((Instantiate(Object, Position, Quaternion.Euler (0f,0f,0f))) as GameObject);
    print ("Object im Array: "+SpawnedObjects[arrayPosition]);
    arrayPosition = arrayPosition + 1;

Later I want to be able to destroy the last GameObject added to the array in another function like this:


The spawning of the GameObjects is working but my array is always empty.
Does anyone know what I´m doing wrong? All examples I found in the internet were showing the same way.

Thank you in advance.

First of all, why is the array static? You don’t need static variables here.

Secondly, you are trying to store a Transform as a GameObject. Therefore the cast always returns null.

  • Either change the type of Object to Transform (by the way don’t use Object as a variable name, because Object is also a reserved name for a type).

  • or use an array of Transform instead of an array of GameObject

  • or retrieve the GameObject from the instantiated transform:

     (Instantiate(Object, Position, Quaternion.identity) as Transform).gameObject;

edit: The need to change a value from another script is not a valid argument for using static variables. There are several ways to access a variable from another script.

For example if your script is on a unique GameObject, you can do:

MyScriptName script = (MyScriptName) Object.FindObjectOfType(typeof(MyScriptName));
script.publicVariable = value;

If the script is just another component on the same Gameobject, it is even easier:

MyScriptName script = GetComponent<MyScriptName>();
script.publicVariable = value;