Add transparency to mask shader

Hey Guys,

I’d appreciate it if someone could help me out. I want to add transparency to the main texture of this shader:

Shader "MaskedTexture"
      _MainTex ("Base (RGB) Alpha (A)", 2D) = "white" {}
      _Color ("Main Color", Color) = (1, 1, 1, 1)

      _Mask ("Culling Mask", 2D) = "white" {}
      _Cutoff ("Alpha cutoff", Range (0,1)) = 0.1
     // _MainTex ("Color (RGB) Alpha (A)", 2D) = "white"
     Tags { "Queue"="Transparent" "RenderType"="Transparent" }
      Lighting Off
      ZWrite Off
      Blend SrcAlpha OneMinusSrcAlpha
      AlphaTest GEqual [_Cutoff]
         SetTexture [_Mask] {combine texture}
         SetTexture [_MainTex] {combine texture, previous}

I really don’t know how to get it to work. Thanks!

clamp( CutOffColor, CutOutColor, InputColor)
this will display the CutOutColor anywhere the InputColor is less than the CutOffColor
so a cut off of (1,1,1,_CutOff) with a cut out of (1,1,1,0) will always display the color of InputColor but will change the alpha to 0 if it’s below the _CutOff.

(untested, no guarantees)