Add vector according to objects's local position & roation

How can I add, say a Vector3 [say: (0,0,1)] in relation to another object’s rotation and position?

Because if I do something of the sort:

desiredposition = anotherObject’s + new Vectro3(0,0,1);

If will add it in relation to the world space. But what I want is to find in relation to the other object(taking into account its position, and its rotation. So If the other object rotates, the new point will be somewhere else…

The Transform class contains some properties for this.

Transform.forward gives a world space vector pointing in the direction the object is rotated. Transform.right and Transform.up give similar vectors for the other directions.

So otherObject.transform.position + otherObject.transform.forward * 10 will give you a position 10 units in front of otherObject based on the direction that object is facing.