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This is a very broad question and i don't often ask question like this but i will explain why im asking this question before i ask it.

I was looking and saw some stuff about the popular android/iphone game angrybirds. It's free for android devices but for the iphone its $0.99 All it is, is you drag the bird launch it at a small tower... They sold 12,000,000 copies of it... Now to the question, I wanted to know if the people of unity answers could help me brainstorm. I need a name of a game and a description. It doesn't have to be descriptive all it needs is a purpose like this example below...

Name: Angry Birds Description: Launch birds off a slingshot and hit towers to earn points...

Thats how simple it is... Please don't take this as a joke and have a good Christmas...

Oh, fun.

  • Name: Water Bottles.
  • Description: Drop water bottles from rooftop. Try hit pedestrians.

When you get millions, I want 95% of the cut.

Hmmm the thing about this type of thing is as follows:

If someone came up with a multimillionaire idea, why would they give it to you?(no offense) it just seems like they make it them selves.

Once again no offense intended..

and happy Christmas to you also!

My answer to your broad question would be:

1) go invest time in others games... try them, research whats fun and whats not
2) ask people who play games
3) have a lot of alcohol and record your brainstorm sessions on tape/video and look it over when the hangover is gone... 


pay me to develop your game-ideas... there is NO WAY I am going to give away my brain-gold for free, if they are worth millions - why on earth would I do that?

Lastly: have you TRIED the Angry bird game yourself? Dont look at the money first, look for fun stuff. Thats whats makes the wheels go around for a long time. Money will come eventually, if your idea is great.

Its not the actual coding that is the problem, think of it as writing a book. The language in Harry Potter isnt really that difficult. But its the idea and the story that does it all. Same goes with fun games. Its not the graphic alone, not the sound, not the price. It has to do with the fun.

Same goes for Facebook games. Why does Farmville etc. have so broad an audience? Because people seeks fun, entertainment and happyness.

Build me a game that provides me with that, and I might consider paying you for it too.