Adding a checkered design on mountians and ground

Hiya everyone i want to add a checkered design on bits of grounds and mountains (sonic fans should know that i am trying to make green hill zone) how do i do this

Hey, if you want to add different textures to different parts of your terrain, then download the free terrain toolkit from the unity website at: This terrain toolkit comes with a checkered texture, but if you would like more textures to add to your terrain, download the "terrain assets" from: The way the terrain toolkit works, is it can generate random terrains, so it will make random hilly terrains, or things like that, you can change the way you prefer it to generate the terrain. It can also be used for just texturing, so you can just choose to texture your current terrain. And this works by setting how high your terrain will be textured. It's a little bit hard to explain, so feel free to watch the developers tutorial at: you can also go to the developers website at

hope this helps you


Hiya in Google type green hill zone checkered can i get it to look like that

I just searched on Google like you said, and i came across a texture that i tested in unity just a second ago and works fine, download the texture from: i hope that this is what you meant, if it wasn't, just comment back!!! :)