Adding a force offset to center of mass does not cause rotation.

I am trying to make an object rotate by applying relative force to it, but it does not rotate at all.

My object looks like this: ---- in the XY plane.
The indicate the “main body” and the – indicate the “wings” where I apply the relative force.

The wings are attached to the body using two Fixed joints on the main body.

The object is affected by gravity, and if i add a force to one of the wings i can see that it changes its velocity, but it does not rotate if the two forces are different.

The Main body has its constraints frozen for position in the Z axis and the rotation in X and Y axis because I only want it to move along the XY plane.

The relative force added is on the wings Y plane.

Should not this cause my object to rotate? Or do I have to apply Torque or rotation manually?


Each of the Cylinders are called qRotR and qRotL respectivelay and the force is added like this:
qRotR.AddRelativeForce(0, output[1]*80, 0);
qRotL.AddRelativeForce(0, 0, 0); //To try and force rotation

The cylinders are attached to the main body as seen in the second attachement.101828-capture2.png