Adding a Fragment to a View

I am writing an Android plugin for Unity. I am using some existing code that I have to adhere to.

This existing code uses a Fragment for the user interface portion.

Can someone tell me how to get the UnityPlayer main view so that I can add this fragment to the ViewGroup?

Example code would be awesome!

I figured out the main part of this. I use the following code:

		ViewGroup rootView = (ViewGroup)UnityPlayer.currentActivity.findViewById(;
                // find the first leaf view (i.e. a view without children)
                // the leaf view represents the topmost view in the view stack
                View topMostView = getLeafView(rootView);
                if (topMostView != null) {
	                // let's add a sibling to the leaf view
	                ViewGroup leafParent = (ViewGroup)topMostView.getParent();
	                if (leafParent != null) {

						WebViewFragment fragment = new WebViewFragment();
					    FragmentManager fragmentManager = UnityPlayer.currentActivity.getFragmentManager();
					    FragmentTransaction fragmentTransaction = fragmentManager.beginTransaction();
					    fragmentTransaction.add(leafParent.getId(), fragment);

getLeafView is the following code:

    private View getLeafView(View view) {
        if (view instanceof ViewGroup) {
            ViewGroup vg = (ViewGroup)view;
            for (int i = 0; i < vg.getChildCount(); ++i) {
                View chview = vg.getChildAt(i);
                View result = getLeafView(chview);
                if (result != null) 
                    return result;
            return null;
        else {
            return view;

Thanks to a google search and a posting about finding the UnityPlayer view like that.

I have another question now. The above code puts the WebViewFragment full screen covering the whole Unity view. How would I go about making it so that the Fragment only takes up part of the screen showing the Unity background through?