Adding an eyeblink animation layer


I have a character with some animations set up in Unity. Now I wanted to have another animation clip with random eyeblinks playing on top of the other animations.
It is just a looping clip of about 300 frames.

I put this animation inside a new animation layer and set it to additive mode, it works well. But there is one animation clip in the Base layer where I don’t want the blinks to show up.

How can I exclude this animation clip from the ‘eye blink’ layer so that the eyes won’t blink when this certain clip is played?

The simplest way to do this is probably to just set things up so that the Weight of the eyeblinks layer gets brought to zero for the duration of the animation.

You could do this by simply changing the layer weight at the same time you set things to trigger the Alien animation to play, and then changing it again when you trigger progression to the next animation.

Alternatively, perhaps you could use Animation Events on the Alien animation to fire ‘StopEyeBlinks’ and ‘StartEyeBlinks’ events.