Adding Background Image

Hi, I am following Udemy’s Unity Development course by Ben. I am currently on Block Breaker Challenge. I have latest version of Unity Engine 5.3.4.

What I did to add the image:

  1. Imported download image asset in sprites folder, set its Pixels Per Unit to 50. Then I dragged the image to Scene Window.

  2. Image is 800x600. My main camera size is 6

Please see to it what’s wrong? Thanks in advance

Problem when I play the game. Only the camera color appears no background image appears. Please see the screenshots to understand. I did follow other questions on Unity forums but they have quite complicated solutions. I wish to follow the easy way as taught in the course

Sadly I don’t have my blockbreaker project saved… but have you tried changing the z of the camera a bit? I remember having some issues with my camera being in the wrong z or something like that.