Adding Blender Animations to an Already Imported Model

I am attempting to created a character that contains multiple animations using Blender. I have already imported the mesh along with a few legacy animations into Unity (as a .fbx file) and spend a while editing the scale and import settings etc.

But as I keep working on animating and create new animations, I have to re-import the entire .fbx mesh and animation from Blender and set it all up again whenever I add or change an animation if I want to use it in Unity.

Is there a way to add animations to a model that has been imported already?

The mesh is the same in new one but if I try to use the new animations with the previously imported model it does not work.

Basically, I would like to find the easiest way to add two more animations I’ve created to a model in Unity that’s been imported.

By replacing existing FBX file, you will actually update it and all you would need to do is press “+” icon on animation tab in Import settings. That will bring in new animations that are saved with file.

Same goes for .blend files, if you save .blend in Unity folder and keep working on it and keep saving that file, thus overwriting the old one, Unity will pick up changes.

So there is no need to re-import it manually, just export from blender and overwrite old file.