Adding class info to a list on start

I’m trying to manually add some class info to a list. See the commenting.

public class Achievement
	public int achievementID;
	public string achievementName;
	public string achievementDescription;


void Awake()
	List<Achievement> create = new List<Achievement>();

	//Can't figure out what to type here...

	//Want this kind of functionality:
	create[0].achievementID = 0;
	create[0].achievementName = "Achievement One";
	create[0].achievementDescription = "Description";
	create[1].achievementID = 1;
	create[1].achievementName = "Achievement Two";
	create[1].achievementDescription = "Description";

There’s a couple of options. First of all:


Achievement a = new Achievement();
a.achievementID = 0;
a.achievementName = "Achievement One";
a.achievementDescription = "Description";


Another option is to add a constructor for Achievement taking those three params, such that you can:

create.Add(new Achievement(0, "Achievement One", "Description"));

Oh, and I guess if you wanted you could just do create.Add(new Achievement()) and then set the members from within the container. But that’s ugly.

BTW, it’s a little silly that all three members of Achievement start with “achievement”. How about just id, name, and description? C# will remember what you mean.