Adding collider to 3D model

I made small project which used models made in blender.

Shooting targets (I mean those red-white circles) have animation of hiding and showing.
I want them to have collisions (only circles, without base). Of course collisions don’t follow bone animations.
What the easiest way to make collisions that follow those shoting targets? As far as I found only way is to make collider on bone, but that is kind of irritating, and there should be better ways which I don’t found by myself.

Try this script for calculating the points for each zone when you have a working collider, yes i was bored XD.

public int pointsForHit (GameObject targetMiddle, Collision col)
	Vector3 relativePosition = col.transform.position - targetMiddle.transform.position;
		if (relativePosition.magnitude < 0.2f/*this is the outer radius of your bullseye / middlezone */) {return 100; // these are the points the player gets they are returned by the function
		} else { if (relativePosition.magnitude < 0.4f /*this is the outer radius of your zone 1 */) { return 50; // points for hit on zone 1
		} else { if (relativePosition.magnitude < 0.6f) { return 40;//points for hit on zone 2
		} else { if (relativePosition.magnitude < 0.8f) { return 30;
		} else { if (relativePosition.magnitude < 1f) { return 20;
/*usage :*/ int anyVariableOfYourChoosing = pointsForHit (emptyGameObjectAtMiddlepoint, yourCollision)

Colliders can’t follow bones? Sure they can!
Place an empty game object as a child of the bone and give the empty game object a collider component in the inspector.
That’s surley the best solution, and I’m positive it works as I have use it many times. Just be sure not to confuse the bone with the effector :wink: