Adding Constant Force to a CharacterController using the ThirdPersonController script WITHOUT using a RigidBody

I have asked a question similar to this, but didn't get a clear answer. Basically, I want to have these trigger based areas where the player is being pushed in a constant direction even with the players movement acting as resistance.

I don't want to use RigidBodys, because they don't seem to work well when the CharacterController is attached (and I will be using it) as well as the ThirdPersonCOntroller script being in charge of the player's motion and Gravity.

Examples I what I want to use it for:

Conveyor Belts


Possibly ice

Slippery Slopes (if anyone could help me here, I would be happy)

Thanks in advance!

Use `CharacterCollider` `Move` or `SimpleMove` to push your character by script, for example in C#:

using UnityEngine;

public class Push : MonoBehaviour {
    public Vector3 speed;

    public void OnTriggerStay(Collider col) {
        CharacterController ctrl = col.gameObject.GetComponent(typeof(CharacterController)) as CharacterController;
        if (ctrl) {

(just add script to object with trigger collider and set `speed` to direction/speed you want your character to move when in the collider).