Adding External Documentation to Visual Studio

Hi I was trying to get Unity Documentation to appear in Visual Studio(I wanted it to appear while I am typing a Unity function).

I got a plugin off the asset store called hydrogen framework that included an xml file which I could add to Visual Studio in order to get the Unity Documentation to appear.

I followed the instructions of the plugin and placed the Unity.xml file in Program Files/Unity/Editor/Data/Managed and restarted both Unity and Visual Studio however the documentation does not appear as I type in visual studio(during code completion etc.).

If anyone has any suggestions/fixes or insight please let me know.

Use Unity IntelliSense Documentation

You can find it at:

Same thing as Hydrogen, but easier to use, better updated, more extensive, and also covers UI and UnityEditor DLLs.

It also explains exactly how to get it working. And how to make it work in the spacial case of using UnityVS (or “Visual Studio 2013 Tools for Unity” as it is now called), as well as providing a .bat file that does most of the work for you.

This might be a couple of months late, but just in case other people have the same problem. Just spent an hour figuring all this out.

But to answer your question directly

The instructions at Hydrogen are wrong. You need to also rename the xml file “UnityEngine.xml”.