Adding extra bones to an already imported and prefab'ed character.

Hey guys!

I'm having problems figuring out how the dependencies between resources and prefabs work, but more specifically I have a problem with adding bones to my skeleton.

I've exported a character "dude", and a couple of animations called "dude@walk" etc. Then dragged the dude resource into the scene and set up the animations and made him a prefab.

Problem is when I realized I needed a new bone in the skeleton. I added the bone to all the dude@walk files and the dude-file it self and reimported all, but it's not appearing in the hierarchy view.

Really appreciate some tips, thanks!

That's because you have the non-updated model in the hierarchy. You probably broke the prefab connection by changing a value in the Inspector or some other small change you made to the model in the scene. To fix this, simply drag a new prefab of your dude from the file manager into your scene. The new model should have the extra bone.

Hope this helps!