Adding Fog

Simple question. How can i go about adding fog to my game?

Edit->Render Settings

You could have saved 5 hours if you would have google “fog unity”.

Method 1 - Simple and easy:
Window → Lighting
Scroll down and check fog
Edit settings to your liking

Method 2 - Slightly faster, more customization:
Remove Global Light
Add a point light, child to player
Create a material for skybox color
Window → Lighting
Set skybox material to newly created material
Make sure Sun says None
Set Ambient Source to color
Set the ambient source color
Edit the point light, skybox color material, and ambient source color to suit your needs

There’s a particle system in Standard Assets called dust storm that I’m using for a nice ground mist. Increased the emission to 75, 100, Gave it some x, z world velocity. Increased the energy one notch. Changed the shape. Maybe fiddle around with that.