Adding Google play services, just for the advertising SDKs


I did quite a lot of searching, but could not find the answer myself. Since the new Google advertising ID policy, you need to add Google Play Services to your app. I am wondering as what is the correct way to do this for Unity3D Android if I only want the different ad network SDKs to work legally without really using any other Google play services features

Some ad networks just have you to drop google-play-services.jar into Plugins folder and ad the “” line to the manifest file

Others redirect to official docs Set up Google Play services  |  Google for Developers

What is the right approach here for Unity3d apps to keep Google advertising ID policy happy?

Since all classes for Admob advertising is inside google-play-services.jar, you need to have it inside your project anyway. No metter will you use play service functionality or not. Juts treat it as big libabry and Admob advertising is just a pet of it.

For example my plugin

Has google-play-services.jar, but it only uses advertising API.