Adding "InspectorExpandedItems" to svn ignore list

Why can’t I, according to the link below, add “InspectorExpandedItems.asset” to the ignore list?


Typically, the reason that Unity doesn’t want you do add files from the Library to SVN commits is that the files are generated based on the computer. I can tell you from personal experience that if you try to copy a library from a machine to another even with the same OS and similar hardware it will bork your entire project.

However, the asset files are different - they are meant to be synced and shared (they’re also at least partially plaintext with the rest likely serialized variables). We ran into this same conundrum (that asset file not being in the list) and decided to go ahead and sync the file, and haven’t run into any problems on my team. My best guess for why it’s not included on the list at the page you reference is that it’s something that’s been added since then, and the page has become out-of-date.