Adding m4a support to Windows Unity Pro 2.6.1?

Is it possible to get the Windows Unity Pro support m4a audio imports? For 3D models you can install the 3D app to get support for its formats but can't find something like this for audio. Possibly an alternative is through an Editor script but hope I don't have to invent the wheel so any pointers would be great. The reason why I want to support m4a is that I use it for my iPhone development and as Unity Pro seems to be a lot more stable when importing packages and do actual stuff I modified my project to work on both platforms, except for the audio clips in m4a that is...

Unlike 3D assets, audio assets are not imported by external applications, but by the Unity audio runtime (FMOD since 2.6). Adding support for additional import formats would therefore require adding this to our FMOD integration.

Please add a feature request for this if you're very interested in seeing this in future versions of Unity.