Adding Markdown support for forum posts

Markdown- a great and popular solution for writing pretty formatted documents quickly.

Already used on some common platforms like:
- GitHub / GitLab / Bitbucket etc.
- Jira
- Slack
- Reddit

To point out just one of the problems with the current solution for text formatting:
Right now code blocks support C#, Boo, and Javascript languages. Two of those are no longer supported in the engine. Unity as of today uses at least JSON, UXML, USS, and C#.

Adding support for markdown in Unity forums would greatly improve user experience.
- most likely already familiar to a lot of users
- ability to write richer posts and code examples
- ability to present code in a clearer more readable way
- inline code blocks
- code blocks with support for more languages


Bumping this up! I'm quite surprised to see no reaction this. No support from community. No answer from Unity.

Markdown is must have. I believe the most of developers are used to type in Markdown. And typing here is PITA.

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Also bumping this up.

Markdown is much more compact and writing variableName instead of using "icode" bb tags is much faster and more convenient. Same goes for lists and code blocks.

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