adding meta data to fbx file and then reading it in unity

Is there a way to add metadata to an fbx file and then reading it in unity? I was hoping I could initialize some variables inside the actual fbx file so when it dynamically imports into the game, the game already knows what to do with it.

You can import User Properties from FBX files. Use AssetPostprocessor class for reading them.


For this, you are better off writing a maxscript ( or any language available in your soft), and save meta data in a seperate file. This allow to define anything and everything and in the format you like, xml, csv. The other benefit of such maxscript or custom export command is that you can preconfigure the fbx exporter, export several fbx in one go ( when you need to seperate your scene into chunks). Doing so gives you flexibility and you can modify the metadata or read the meta data with much more ease then if it was embedded in the fbx, because such metadats is likely to only answer the very specific needs of your game or framework.