"Adding NetworkVariable {name}" spam on object selection

Why does NGO log this every time I select a gameobject with a NetworkBehavior component? This does not seem useful and I don't see anything I've done that would be causing this as the classes are very simple.

When is it expected to log this out and why do I always see it?

// Logs for this variable every time.
public class NetworkedStateObject : NetworkBehaviour
    public NetworkVariable<int> StateObjectId = new NetworkVariable<int>();
// Logs for the base class and these variables every time.
public class Pointer : NetworkedStateObject
    public NetworkVariable<Vector3> EndPoint;
    public NetworkVariable<bool> IsOn;

Adding NetworkVariable StateObjectId
Adding NetworkVariable EndPoint
Adding NetworkVariable IsOn

That looks like a debug log that wasn’t removed for PR-2364 and should be removed.
Created PR-2562 to remove this in the next patch.

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