Adding physics material


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I've been following simple tutorial and got to the part that I need to add physics material to make a ball bounce. I add Rigid Body to the shpere. There is a label named None(Physics Material) written next to Material text in the Inspector. according to the docs and the tutorial that I follow there suppose to be little black arrow next to the label that represents drop down list for physics materials (like bouncy,ice,wood etc)...But I don't have it. So How do I had one of these materials to my game object?

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When you select a object with a collider, there should be a empty slot right under the collider component. It should say material. drag the physics material on to that slot.

well you can doit like this on Project Layer click on Create then choose the Physics Material or Asset > Create > Physics material

on the physics material you can put value of bounciness to .8 for a common bounce, anyway you can play with this value the static friction is the value that makes you stay in some place like pressin the floor with your foot and try to drag it the dinamic friction is the value that makes you stop a surface after being moving, like a ball you make it round in the floor will eventualy stop the friction combine and bounce combine, all the turorials have said me to put it on average, but i havent test the diferent values

hope this is the answer you are lookin for =)

You have to create physics materials in your Project window.

haha,i suppose i meet the same problem …i did as poncho said, luckily it works…
first, assets->create->physic material->…
second, click the cube or sphere or any object you create that you want it use Gravity,…in the Inspector ,check the Box Collider, click the right of Material,click the button like a circle,in the assets you will see the physic material we just created, chose ,just chose that…
finally,if the value of Bounciness is 0,the when the object
drop of ,the object will stop.while you can change the value of Bounciness to like 0.9,then it will just drop of and up back ,and…drop off…until it stop…
now i suppose it works ,…

Create a new project. Make sure that you check Physics Materials.unityPackage. Then in the assets folder, open in explorer. Copy the Bouncy material from that new project, into an assets folder in your Pong (I’m guessing) project.

NOTE: If you’re doing 2D animation, there doesn’t appear to be Assets > Import Package > Physics 2D Materials.

You have to create your own, via Assets > Create > Physics 2D Material.

It was frustrating me that I couldn’t get it to accept any of the “standard” materials. Hope this helps someone.