adding players to an array

ok currently in my game the first player connected is added to my terrain generation script as a transform variable and the terrain generates based on where the player is but when a new player connects he isnt added to this variable . so how do i also add him to it? a list? an array? can someone explain?

Edit: ok ive been talking with the dev of terravol and he says its not possible with lists or arrays and that i should do terrain client side but how do i do this when players are put into the scene and are seen all the time

If you need to add players at runtime, best is using a List and easy to add/remove.

For example:

private List<GameObject> aliveItemsList;

void Start()
    aliveItemsList = new List<GameObject> ();

currentPlayer = Instantiate () ; 
aliveItemsList.Add (currentPlayer );

and now you have the option of removing by item or by index.

The answer is a basic explanation, if you need more help, just leave a comment.